L29(7-16) Series  -  RF Coaxial Connectors  

Individual Connector Specs

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Key Performance

Characteristic Impedance:  50

Frequency range:  0 ~ 7.5GHz

Contact resistance:

          Center conductor: <1.0m

          Out conductor:  <0.5m

Insulation resistance: >10000M

Insulator voltage withstanding: 2700V

     VSWR:  <1.25

Connector durability:  500 cycles


Center contacts:

     Male - brass, gold plated 

     Female - phosphor, gold plated 

Bodies and other metal parts:  

                  Brass, silver or nickel plated

Insulators:     TFE

Crimp ferrule:  copper, nickel plated

Gasket and seal rings:  silicone rubber

Heat-shrink tubing:  thermofit plastic

Interface Drawing  


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